Congratulations to these students for earning a spot in the 11/12th Grade All-District Band:

Makayla Sweeney – 6th Chair Flute
Kelsey Burris – 2nd Chair Oboe
Russ Curry – 1st Chair Bassoon
Breanne Mason – 2nd Chair Clarinet
Hannah Brown – 11th Chair Clarinet
Kirby Davis – 1st Chair Tenor Sax
Trevor Higgs – 3rd Chair Trumpet
Cameron Clark – 4th Chair Trumpet
Rebekah Flener – 6th Chair Horn
Jacob Jones – 7th Chair Horn
Jacob Jarvis – 2nd Chair Euphonium
Mitchell Eaves – 3rd Chair Snare
Harrison Howard – 4th Chair Snare
Austin Blair – 5th Chair Snare
Marcus Walton – 1st Chair Timpani

Additional congratulations to these 15 students for being recommended for 2nd round All-State auditions: Justin Hocker, Kirk Luckett, Russ Curry, Breanne Mason, Jacob Jarvis, Makayla Sweeney, Austin Blair, Mitchell Eaves, Evan Galyen, Harrison Howard, Kirby Davis, Marcus Walton, Cameron Clark, Trevor Higgs, and Matt Carroll.


November 30 (Monday)
December 10 (Thursday)
January 12 (Tuesday)
January 22 (Friday)
February 2 (Tuesday)
February 8 (Monday)
February 11 (Thursday)
February 15 (Monday)

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Kroger Community Rewards Program

Please register your Kroger card with the Muhlenberg County Band Boosters!!!  The band boosters will receive a contribution from Kroger for every purchase you make.  It is very simple to sign up.  Go to the Kroger web site and sign in with your rewards card.  Click on Community Rewards and search for Muhlenberg County Band Boosters.  This does not affect your Kroger points for gasoline.  Please sign up today!!!

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  • Muhlenberg County Bands shared their album.

    State Semifinals

    November 23

  • Congratulations to the following South Middle students for being selected to the 2016 All-District Band Autumn Hope Cassidy White Sydney Harper Sophia Drake Lucas Adams Cole Johnson Mercades Holland Cole Scott Nathan Petrie Dakota Pierce Logan Tinsley I am very proud of these students as well as all of those that have worked hard and auditioned today.

    November 22

  • Congratulations to these students for earning a spot in the 9/10th Grade All-District Band: Haley Payne - 9th chair flute Dillan Hocker - 1st chair clarinet Hannah Abney - 4th chair clarinet Justin Hocker - 1st chair alto sax Riley Drake - 3rd chair tenor sax Grace Phelps - 4th chair trumpet Zach Creek - 5th chair trumpet Tehya Landrum - 8th chair horn Ryan Brewer - 3rd chair trombone Zoey Meece - 7th chair trombone Cole Moody - 10th chair trombone Matt Carroll - 1st chair tuba Colton Shelton - 6th chair tuba Evan Galyen - 2nd chair snare Chloe Whitten - 4th chair snare Drew Moore - 5th chair snare Macauley Benson - 6th chair snare Barbara Higgs - 2nd chair mallets

    November 21

  • Muhlenberg County Bands shared their album.

    Will post more pictures in the next few weeks

    November 15


    November 15