Congratulations to these 11/12 grade All-District Band Members

Jessica Luttrell – 9th Chair Flute
Amber Booth – 10th Chair Flute
Darcy Sullivan – 1st Chair Oboe
Miranda Lear – 2nd Chair Oboe
Rylan Tuohy – 1st Chair Bassoon
Kendra McKenney – 2nd Chair Clarinet
Michelle Trenda – 3rd Chair Bass Clarinet
Allison Simpson – 2nd Chair Alto Sax
David Baxter – 2nd Chair Tenor Sax
Adam Fisher – 3rd Chair Trumpet
Aaron Eaves – 5th Chair Trumpet
Leah Carroll – 3rd Chair French Horn
Rachael Russ – 6th Chair French Horn
B.J. Lyle – 1st Chair Trombone
Noal McLimore – 5th Chair Trombone
Bryson Richey – 6th Chair Trombone
Robert Perez – 3rd Chair Tuba
Rebecca Smith – 1st Chair Mallets
Jimmy Gossett – 1st Chair Timpani

These students along with the following were recommended for second round auditions for All-State: Drew Brown (Bari Sax), Eli Meece (Trombone), Chelsi Cornette (Euphonium), Monica Pentecost (Euphonium), Darci Davis (Mallets), Ryan Jones (Snare and Mallets), and Katelynn Ward (Mallets)

 9/10 Grade All District Band Members

Lily Tinsley – 10th Chair Flute
Heather Arnett – 14th Chair Clarinet
Tristan Drake – 17th Chair Clarinet
Andrew Brown – 2nd Chair Alto Sax
Kyler Laycock – 7th Chair French Horn
Drake Skipworth – 6th Chair Trumpet
Kelsey Brewer – 8th Chair Trumpet
Eli Meece – 4th Chair Trombone
Ryan Jones – 1st Chair Snare Drum
Darci Davis – 1st Chair Mallet Percussion
Katelyn Ward – 3rd Chair Mallet Percussion

North Middle School 7/8 All District Band Members

Makayla Sweeney – 11th Chair Flute
Breanne Mason – 1st Chair Clarinet
Kirby Davis – 1st Chair Tenor Sax
Ethan Hafley – 3rd Chair Tenor Sax
Shania Landru – 3rd Chair Oboe
Russ Curry – 2nd Chair Bassoon
Jacob Jones – 6th Chair French Horn
Jacob Jarvis – 2nd Chair Euphonium
Cameron Clark – 5th Chair trumpet
Trevor Higgs – 11th Chair Trumpet
Lindsay Tucker – 14th Chair Trumpet
Zach Moore – 1st Chair Auxiliary Percussion

South Middle School 7/8 All District Band Members

Kristen Wells – 13th Chair Trumpet
Tucker Oglesby – 10th Chair Trombone
Shelby Erwin – 4th Chair Auxiliary Percussion