Congratulations to the following students for making the 11/12 All-District Band:

*Darcy Sullivan – 1st Chair Oboe
Miranda Lear – 3rd Chair Oboe
Ciara Seay – 6th Chair Clarinet
Kayla Flick – 7th Chair Clarinet
Kaitlin Wells – 15th Chair Clarinet
*Adam Fisher – 2nd Chair Trumpet
Cierra Lear – 5th Chair Horn
Paige Landrum – 7th Chair Horn
*BJ Lyle – 1st Chair Trombone
*Eli Meece – 2nd Chair Trombone
*Chelsi Cornett – 2nd Chair Euphonium
*Robert Perez – 1st Chair Tuba
*Ryan Jones – 1st Chair Snare
*Darci Davis – 2nd Chair Mallets

* Denotes recommended for 2nd round of All-State Auditions in addition to the following students:
Lilly Tinsley – Flute
Heather Arnett – Clarinet
Andrew Brown – Alto Sax
Zach Moore – Snare
Ryan Jones – Mallets
Katelynn Ward – Mallets

Congratulations to the following students on being selected for the 9/10 All-District Band:

Lilly Tinsley – 8th Chair Flute
Breanne Mason – 10th Chair Clarinet
Heather Arnett – 16th Chair Clarinet
Faith Dunn – 4th Chair Bass Clarinet
Alex Watson – 1st Chair Bassoon
Matt Hayward – 2nd Chair Alto Saxophone
Andrew Brown – 5th Chair Alto Saxophone
Kirby Davis – 1st Chair Tenor Saxophone
Drake Skipworth – 1st Chair Trumpet
Kelsey Brewer – 3rd Chair Trumpet
Lucas Morgan – 10th Chair Trumpet
Cameron Clark – 12th Chair Trumpet
Jacob Jones – 7th Chair Horn
Jacob Jarvis – 3rd Chair Euphonium
Zach Moore – 1st Chair Snare
Austin Blair – 3rd Chair Aux. Percussion
Tyler Casey – 4th Chair Aux. Percussion
Daniel Boswell – 1st Chair Mallets
Katelynn Ward – 2nd Chair Mallets

Congratulations to the following North Middle students for making the All-District Band:

Lydia Baggett – 3rd Chair Clarinet
Russ Curry – 1st Chair Bassoon
Brielle Touhy- 2nd Chair Oboe
Trevor Higgs- 6th Chair Trumpet
Lindsay Tucker – 7th Chair Trumpet
Ethan Hafley – 1st Chair Tenor Sax
Ethan Ruark – 1st Chair Bari Sax
Rebekah Flener – 3rd Chair French horn
Olivia Perkins – 7th Chair French horn

Alternates- Shania Landrum, Tehya Landrum, Matthew Carroll, LaMesha Hocker, Evan Poole

Congratulations to the following South Middle students for making All-District Band:

Kristen wells, 4th Chair Trumpet
Dillan Hocker, 12th Chair Clarinet
Destiny Bruton, 13th Chair Clarinet
Mitchell Eaves, 3rd Chair Percussion
Tucker Oglesby, 2nd Chair Trombone
Makayla Gross, 4th Chair Bass Clarinet
Kelsey Burris, 1st Chair Oboe